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Curriculum & Daily Routine


At Bracken Hill we have developed a creative curriculum, which nurtures and respects the individual personality of each child in an interactive, friendly and learning environment. Our objective is to develop and encourage each child by creating this environment, which stimulates their natural curiosity and ability to learn.

Within our curriculum we allow the child the opportunity and flexibility to achieve their potential, feel safe and secure, develop strategies to build resilience, make choices, learn self expression and stimulate a sense of identity and belonging.

Through active participation, both individually and in groups, in art and craft activities, jigsaws, dough, pegs etc, the gradual build up of manipulative skills is achieved for writing

In addition number and letter recognition and comprehension are accomplished through games and suitable classroom activities. Emphasis is placed on story telling, rhymes and songs

We also encourage children, with the help of their parents to follow up on classroom discussions by bringing in relevant information particularly newspaper articles, books etc or collecting natural history specimens for the nature table.

We encourage the celebration of international cultural festivals to broaden their appreciation of the world around them.

We are happy that on their departure Bracken Hill children are confident, articulate and eager to learn as they further their education.

Daily Routine

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00 Free Play Free Play Free Play Free Play Free Play
09:40 Tidy Up Tidy Up 09:25
Tidy Up
Tidy Up Tidy Up
09:45 Assembly Assembly 09:30 Assembly Assembly Assembly
10:00 Leaders duties/Story Leaders duties/Story Music Leaders duties/Story Leaders duties/Story
10:10 Weather/
10:15 Letter of
the Day
Painting 10:45 Weather/
Number Work Arts & Crafts
11:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
11:15 Yard Yard Yard Yard Yard
11:45 Leaders newstime duties Leaders newstime duties Leaders newstime duties Leaders newstime duties Leaders newstime duties
11:50 Story/Song Story/Song Story/Song Story/Song Story/Song


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School address:
GAA Sports Ground
Balkill Road, Howth
Dublin 13, Ireland
Postal address:
12 Offington Drive
Sutton, Dublin 13
Manager: Gwen Delaney
Mobile: (086) 8100173
Web address:

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